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106 Miracle Facelift Masque

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"Turn back the clock" and look younger with Miracle Facelift Masque. Quite literally a facelift in a bottle.



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Sep 04, 2016

I've used a lot of fancy and expensive masks, but I love the Miracle Facelift Masque best.
I have lost a little weight and gained a few years, so my face seemed a little saggy to me. My pores made my face seem "coarse" and dry skin combined with oily T zone is not a pretty picture. The Miracle Facelift Masque makes my skin smoother, tighter and it feels really good. I follow up with a spritz or two of ionyte, and If i use it at night I follow that with a little of my regular moisturizer, in the daytime i use a light sunscreen. I think it makes me look younger and i feel great.

Kelly Lindbom, Summerville, SC, US

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